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Here you can find materials that you may use or adapt for your own GeoGebra workshops or presentations (please note the Copyright).



GeoGebra Presentation Material

The folders below contain English PowerPoint slides together with linked ggb files and dynamic worksheets by Markus Hohenwarter that were used for workshops and presentations about GeoGebra. Feel free to use, distribute and change these materials for non-commercial purposes.

GeoGebra Introductory Book

The book "Introduction to GeoGebra" (June 2008) by Judith Hohenwarter & Markus Hohenwarter Markus Hohenwarter is meant to be used for introductory workshops for GeoGebra. You can order a print version or directly use the online version:

GeoGebra Workshop Materials

GeoGebra Introductory Workshops

Judith Hohenwarter & Markus Hohenwarter have created introductory workshop handouts (about 1 to 3 hours each) that contain examples targeted at teachers who are teaching elementary/middle school, middle/high school, or a mixed audience. These handouts cover the basic use of GeoGebra and provide tips and tricks for using the software.

GeoGebra Special Topics Workshops

Judith Hohenwarter & Markus Hohenwartercreated a series of special topics workshops (2-3 hours each) that cover basic and advanced features of GeoGebra. The materials include printable handouts and GeoGebra files / dynamic worksheets for participants as well as detailed information and presentations for presenters.


Feel free to pick and choose from our materials to adapt the workshop to your needs.

Download Package

Download all workshop materials in one zip package. You are free to use, distribute, and adapt these materials for non-commercial purposes (see our CC license).

Translations These workshop handouts have already been translated to the following languages:

Irish Workshop Materials

The following workshp materials have been developed at the regional centre for excellence in mathematics teaching and learning in Limerick, Ireland, and are specifically tailored to the Irish school curriculum.

South African Introductory Materials

The document "GeoGebra in 10 Lessons" was created by Gerrit Stols from the Faculty of Education at the University of Pretoria in South Africa. The 39 pages document covers the basic use of GeoGebra, as well as some statistics, calculus and matrix examples.

ICTCM minicourse

The file below gives the handouts from a minicourse on using Geogebra at the ICTCM in March 2007




Από τον Φεργαδιώτη Αθανάσιο , μαθηματικό Ενιαίου Λυκείου Κρήτης

Επισκεφθείτε τις παρακάτω διευθύνσεις:


Curs de GeoGebra en català.

Autors: Jaume Bartrolí, Pep Bujosa i Antoni Gomà



Curso de GeoGebra 3.2 en español.

Applets de GeoGebra clasificados por temas.


GeoGebra Special Topics Workshops

Asuncion Montes from Puebla, México, has translated the series of 9 GeoGebra special topics workshops to Spanish.