Domain and Range for Exponential Functions

Move the sliders to transform the parent exponential function f(x) = bx into the function 
f(x) = a*bx-h + k.   Write the domain, range and the equation of the horizontal asymptote for each of the examples that follow. In addition, classify each equation as growth or decay when appropriate.

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Journal Entry:
Describe each variable's effect on the domain, range, and end behavior of the exponential function f(x) = a*bx-h + k.   Make a table if necessary.

Duke, 11/11/06, Created with GeoGebra

     1.  f(x) = 3x + 3

     2.  f(x) = 4*(.5)x-3 - 1

     3.  f(x) = -3*5x-1 + 4

     4.  f(x) = 9*10x-5

     5.  f(x) = a*bx-h + k