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Розпочав свою роботу інститут GeoGebra у місті Харків. ( Інститут GeoGebra Харків, Україна засновано 6 липня 2010 року на базі кафедри інформатики Харківського національного педагогічного університету імені Г.С. Сковороди. Він є складовою Міжнародного інституту GeoGebra (IGI, та повністю розділяє його цілі та задачі.

This is the main page of free teaching materials created with GeoGebra. The structure here is close to the US school system, but we also have an overview page for UK schools. If you also have created nice materials, please share them with us! See the GeoGebraWiki Help to find out how to add your own materials to the GeoGebraWiki.


Information about new Version 3.2

Mathematics: Elementary School

Measurement & Geometry

Number Sense

Mathematics: Middle School



see also [1], Henrico County Public Schools


  • What's my function A game where two students create function equations and try to guess what the other did based on graphs, and tables of values.
  • M&M Radioactive Decay Activity This applet allows students to discover exponential functions and exponential fit using the half life of radioactive elements (or in our case, M&Ms). Using this worksheet, M&M Radioactive Decay Worksheet students compare exponential fit with a line of best fit. This activity integrates middle school math and science into one fun activity


Mathematics: High School


Area and Perimeter of Inscribed Polygons Worksheet Corresponding to "Area and Perimeter of Inscribed Polyons" activity above

Algebra & Pre-Calculus

The next two entries should be worked into the Linear Equations section


Discrete Mathematics

Probability and Statistics



Math: College

3D Geometry & Vectors


Complex Numbers

Real Analysis

Differential Equations

Linear Algebra

Linear Programming


Physical Sciences

Financial Mathematics

Recreational Mathematics



Games & Puzzles


Theory and Practice



  • A GeoGebra Tutorial — Geometric construction, algebra, calculus, using the input bar, exporting to a webpage, and more. All the basics of GeoGebra covered. By Marc Renault.

Other Support Materials

  • Zip.gif Word Template Displays a toolbar with all GeoGebra buttons. Clicking inserts and aligns the corresponding button image in your text. Pedro Tytgat

Other Sites

  • [2] NCCVT Integrate Math files
  • GeoGebra resources in French — algebra,arithmetic, number sense, trigonometry, pre-calculus, calculus and Sciences physics with GeoGebra for primary schooland all levels( i am looking for translators)

e-learning to Calculus

UK curriculum materials

North America Conference 2010