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  • Ggb.gif 12 Hour Analogue Clock - A simulation of a 12 hour analogue clock. Vary the minutes using the slider. Inspired by a question on the 2006 UKMT intermediate challenge paper, by Andy Kemp
  • Making Time - A detailed write up of the process I undertook in the creation of this clock that was originally written up as a small part of an MSc in Mathematics education, and was later published as a web-resources by the ATM to support another article in MT198.
  • Htm.gifClock Zip.gif Download Worksheet This was a spin of from a question asked by my lecturer about the minute hands of two accurate watches which prompted me to make this model of an accurate 12 hour clock, by David Corne
  • Htm.gif24 Hour Clock Zip.gif Download Worksheet This is an updated version of my previous clock whereby it is 24 hour and has a digital readout of the time. I feel this is close to being the ultimate Geogebra clock, by David Corne

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