Fractions, Decimals, Percentages

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Comparing Fractions From 0 to 1: Interactive Activity for 2nd-3rd Graders!

Fractions on the number line. How big is \frac{4}{7} compared to \frac{5}{8}?
Students input numerators and denominators and compare fractions on the number line.
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Htm.gif Fractions on a number line Use the numerator and denominator sliders to create a fraction of your choice. Watch the fraction appear on the "number line". (It isn't actually a number line, bit it is very similar to one!) Download

Htm.gif Locating fractions on a number line Students place two randomly generated fractions on a number line. A check box shows whether the fractions have been correctly located on the number line. Download

Htm.gif The Land Problem, Milan Sherman This is an interactive version of a problem taken from the Connected Mathematics curriculum. The goal is for students to develop visual meaning for fractions in terms of relative quantities.


Decimals and fractions


Created by Andreas Meier

Arrange Decimals

Created by Andreas Meier

Estimate location of decimals on a number line

  • Htm.gif Decimals on a line Zip.gifDownload Three decimals are randomly generated. Students estimate the location of the decimals on a number line. A check box reveals how accurate the placements were. By Duane Habecker

Fractions, Decimals, and Percentages

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