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Site of the first GeoGebra - North America conference, 2010


Working Groups

Producing Textbooks and Textbook Supplement with GeoGebra

GeoGebraNA2010 Working Group 1 Mike May, Saint Louis University, MO, USA

For any pedagogical innovation to have a broad and lasting impact it must be systematically incorporated into readily available instructional material. In practical terms this means the production of textbooks and textbook supplements following the standard curriculum adopted by the schools. Well-prepared materials allow innovative tools like GeoGebra to be used by teachers who are overworked, or inexperienced, or less adventuresome, or whose talents are in areas other than producing new teaching materials.

Using GeoGebra in Elementary Mathematics Education in Home Schooling

GeoGebraNA2010 Working Group 2 Dorian Stoilescu, University of Toronto, CA

This working group explores ways of using Geogebra in mathematics education in home schooling in the study of fractions. Initially, this study consists in two case studies of students in the Grade 3 and Grade 5 who is homeschooled in mathematics. Further, the discussion will be extended with other cases presented by other participants.

Working with Communities

GeoGebraNA2010 Working Group 3 Maria Droujkova, Natural Math, NC, USA

This group will put together an outline for helping online communities and individuals with GeoGebra. We will identify ways anyone can contact and join the GeoGebra community to find support in creating visualizations for sites and in building social objects for their communities.