Linear Equations

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Investigating Linear Equations

The following worksheets can be used individually or as a series. Each worksheet is hyperlinked to the following worksheet.
This lesson plan was created to accompany the series of worksheets Lesson Plan (doc) Zip.gif Download L├Žder clutchForeclosed homes in San Diego CA These worksheets were created by Athena Matherly

Slope and y-intercept

Created by Stefan Camilleri

Slope and y-intercept.gif

Htm.gif Slope and y-intercept

Ggb.gif Slope and y-intercept

I have used the following as an introduction to the concepts of slope and y-intercept, presenting it to the class with a projector. Initially I planned to use it with an investigation-style worksheet and allow students to use the demo in the computer lab individually.

Introduction to Linear Equations

Created by Stefan Camilleri

Linear Equations and Tables Introduction.gif

Htm.gif Linear Equations and Tables Introduction

Ggb.gif Linear Equations and Tables Introduction

My aim with this demo was an introduction to plotting lines. I wanted students to quickly see how changes in slope and y-intercept affect the table of points (and therefore the graph). There is a lot of information to process so I have included check-boxes to hide certain parts. I begin with both check-boxes unchecked.

  1. I show how varying the slope and y-intercept determines the equation.
  2. Once we have the equation we look at how the table of values is calculated.
  3. Clicking the Points check-box shows these points plotted.
  4. Clicking the Line check-box shows that these points form a line.

Investigating Slope and Linear Equations by LFS

Car race anim.gif

Ggb-lines2.jpg User generates line and then finds slope and y-intercept and then types in and checks answer.

  • Menu to online links to all 5 activities
    • A1: Generate a line - you find whole number slope
    • A2: Generate a line - you find the slope
    • A3: You draw 2 points on grid and find the slope
    • A4: You draw y- and x- intercepts and find equation
    • A5: You draw 2 points on grid and find equation

Download of menu and all 5 activities: School versionZip.gif Completely offlineZip.gif

Meta Data for Activity

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Exploring Line Forms

Special Lines

GeoGebra-Files Linear Equations

Ggb.gif Slopes of Perpendicular Lines - An example showing that the slopes of perpendicular lines are negative reciprocals.

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