Polynomial Functions

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Htm.gif Graphing Polynomials Zip.gifDownload

Use sliders to see the graphs of polynomails (up to the sixth degree) Created by Cullen G.E. Stevens

Htm.gif Explore Graphs of Polynomials created by Natalie Klein

By David McAdams

Test for symmetry: Is this graph of function symmetry w.r.t. x-Axis, y-Axis, origin or neither?

Htm.gif Test for symmetry

Zip.gifdownload the ggb file

Vertical Compressions & Stretches To obtain the graph of y = af(x), multiply each y-coordinate of y = f(x) by a. Case I: |a| > 0, stretch the graph of f vertically. Case II: 0 < |a| < 1, compress the graph of f vertically. If a<0, the graph is reflected about the x-axis. Htm.gif Vertical Compressions & Stretches

By Vera Hu-Hyneman & Christine Brady

Inverse of a function: Find the graph of an inverse function interactively. In this worksheet, students will discover the relation between the graph of a function and the graph of its inverse, and discover the relationship between the domains and ranges of each.

Geogebra.gif Graph of a Function and its Inverse worksheet

Zip.gif download ggb file

Vera Hu-Hyneman, Created with GeoGebra

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