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Cullen G.E. Stevens

High School Math Teacher

Lincoln Southwest High School

Lincoln, NE 68512

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Dynamic Worksheets


Use sliders to see the graphs of polynomails (up to the sixth degree) Created by Cullen G.E. Stevens


Special centers of triangles can be found by finding the point of concurrency of different lines. The circumcenter of the triangles is the point of concurrency of the perpendicular bisectors of the triangle. Similarly, the point of concurrency of the angle bisectors is called the incenter of the triangle, the medians produce the centroid, and the altitudes the orthocenter.

The included example displays four congruent triangles and one of the special centers. Change the upper left triangle (all triangles will remain congruent) to examine how the special centers are affected.

  • Htm.gif Discover circle equation Zip.gifDownload The circle is dynamic and students are asked to use it to discover the standard equation of a circle. Created by Cullen G.E. Stevens
  • Htm.gif Transform FunctionsZip.gifDownload- Use sliders transform a quadratic, an absolute value, and a square root fucntion simultaneously. Hide and show each function independently. Created by Cullen G.E. Stevens

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