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David G Corne

I am originally from Maidenhead, Berkshire and I was educated at Claires Court Schools

Claires Court Schools Website

I have gained a first class MSci degree form the University of Birmingham.

University of Birmingham Mathematics Department


Zip.gifTriangle Tools This is a useful tool I have in part translated from French. I have also added to it and it now includes basic tools for triangles such as finding the orthocentre, centre of gravity, incentre and circumcentre. It will also construct medians, inscribed and circumscribed circles. There is more about special centres of circles on this page Special Centers of Triangles.

Htm.gifCat on ladder Zip.gif Download Worksheet This is a problem given in one of our lectures it read "A ladder standing on a smooth floor against a wall slides down to the floor. Along what curve does a cat sitting in the middle of the ladder move" GeoGebraWiki Pythagoras Page

Htm.gifCat on ladder extended Zip.gif Download Worksheet This is an extension to this problem reading "what would happen if the cat was not on the mid-point of the ladder GeoGebraWiki Pythagoras Page

Htm.gifClock Zip.gif Download Worksheet This was an interesting spin off from a question set by my lecturer with two watches so I decided to see if I could make a perfect clock GeoGebraWiki clock page

Htm.gif24 Hour Clock Zip.gif Download Worksheet This is an updated version of my previous clock whereby it is 24 hour and has a digital readout of the time. I feel this is close to being the ultimate Geogebra clock GeoGebraWiki clock page

Doc.gifProof of the exponential sequence It is a Word document which contains my rudimentary proof of the limit of the sequence (1+x/n)^n which is e^x. It was inspired by question 2.3 in the book "Calculus to Chaos" by David Acheson and also the discussion of this sequence in our analysis lectures Wikipedia article on e, Wikipedia Characterisations on the exponential functions, David Achesons Calculus to Chaos page