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Once again I request to add malayalam in the main page. Tamil is entirely different from malayalam. I already started adding geogebra malayalam content in the tamil link with an expectation that you will add malayalam link in the main page.


Hi, I, a user of Geogebra, belongs to IT@School project in Kerala. IT@School provides ICT enabled education to 1.6 million students per year in the state .As part of implimenting IT Enabled Education ,we introduced Geogebra to our High school students.We already created some works in Geogebra for our students and teachers. But the text is in malayalam. We will be pleased if you can add Malayalam in GUI also

I reguest you to add Malayalam in geogebrawiki and in Geagebra GUI.


Please don't use this talk page to communicate with us. We are happy to help you, but please send an email directly to

Thank you, Markus