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You have created materials with GeoGebra or found something interesting on the Internet? Then let's add these materials to GeoGebraWiki and others will benefit from them too! Here you learn how to take an active part in GeoGebraWiki.


Using Materials

You may use all materials from GeoGebraWiki free of charge as long as you obey the copyrights. For GeoGebra files (Ggb.gif) you need the free software GeoGebra. The dynamic worksheets (Htm.gif) will only work if you have Java installed.

Writing Articles

GeoGebraWiki works like the famous online encyclopedia Wikipedia: anyone can add new articles and edit existing ones! Simply login and click on the edit-button at the top of a page. Please specify a valid e-mail address when loging in the first time: your address will be checked before you can edit any pages.

Please visit the Wikipedia Sandbox to learn how to write articles in a Wiki. There is also a short Editing Help in GeoGebraWiki.

Upload Materials

You may upload your own files and dynamic worksheets to the GeoGebra server in order to use them in articles of the GeoGebraWiki. This is done using the GeoGebra Upload Manager. Please read the article Upload Materials for more information about this.

Upload Images

If you want to use images in your articles, please use the page Upload Images within GeoGebraWiki. Don't use the GeoGebra Upload Manager to upload images.