How to add a GeoGebra Dynamic Worksheet to a CMS / VLE (eg Moodle)

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You no longer need to use the Moodle filter for this

From version GeoGebra can export a standalone html file (ie no separate ggb file)

From version the keyboard shortcut Ctrl-Shift-M copies everything you need to the clipboard.

File -> Export -> Dynamic Worksheet as WebPage now creates a single html file (ie no ggb file needed) which you can then paste straight into eg Moodle (turn on html editing when composing a webpage)

Depending on which CMS / VLE you are pasting into, you may need to delete the html outside the <applet>...</applet> tag and you may also need to delete mayscript="true"

In the advanced tab, you can even put the html on the clipboard to make the process even faster (select Clipboard: html at the bottom right)

You can also select Clipboard: Google Gadget and Clipboard: MediaWiki as appropriate (MediaWiki extension detailed here: )

Video showing the process for WikiSpaces:

Moodle specific instructions here:

Drupal information here:

In GeoGebra 4.0, the process will be simplified further with a Ctrl-Shift-M option.

Technical details here: Unsigned GeoGebra Applets